Monday, March 22, 2004

TextPairs search

Well, here is the task:

Sentence consists of words.
For instance, "Word1 word2 word3".
Words are grouped by phrases.
For example:
phrase1 = "Word1 word2"
phrase2 = "Word2 word3"
phrase3 = "Word1 word2 word3"

I consider both words and phrases as
text concepts.

Every text concept has a "start position" and an "next position".

I'm going to use "start position" as the key for text concept in the

As you can see, text concept "word2" has start position = 2
Text concept "phrase2" has start position = 2. That is the same with
"word2". That means duplication.

Original task is to find all text pairs in the specified sentence.

Any suggestions?

Monday, March 22, 2004, 10:54:33 AM, you wrote:

AIR> There is no type in .NET that can have multiple values with the same key.
AIR> But you can write your own class derived from DictionaryBase. There is an
AIR> example in MSDN how to do this. If you tell me more about your task and
AIR> conditions (how many items you expect to store and how many of them are
AIR> stored with the same key) I can help you to write this class :)