Friday, April 08, 2005

Mistakes and general intelligence

"People make stupid mistakes. A well designed AI should not."
Jiri Jelinek

Human beings make mistakes because their minds make approximate decisions.
Human beings have general intelligence because their minds able to make approximate decisions.

If you develop AI without this critical feature (approximate decision making) then such AI wouldn't have general intelligence...

Flawless AI

In order to make decisions without mistakes you need 3 things:
1) Appropriate "perfect problem solver" algorithm.
2) Full information about our word.
3) Endless computational power.

Even if #1 is theoretically possible, #2 and #3 are impossible even in theory.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Abstract concept

Abstract concept is a concept which is not directly connected to system's receptors.
Abstract concept is connected with other concepts though. Abstract concept is connected to receptors indirectly through non-abstract concepts (surface concepts).

It's not easy task to identify and create an abstract concept. You cannot just borrow it from external world as surface concepts.

What do you think: is it good idea to name such abstact concept as Deep Concept?
It may help to distinguish abstract concepts which are available in books from abstract concepts which must be created by AI itself.