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Questions about any Would-Be AGI System

Questions about any Would-Be AGI System: "Questions about any Would-Be AGI System

Ben Goertzel
May 20, 2002

This question list is designed to aid in the comparative discussion and analysis of different approaches to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

It is in no sense complete, and it is certainly a bit biased toward my own AGI approaches and interests, in spite of my efforts to make it not too severely so. I hope that near-future revisions will be less biased in this way.

For this preliminary version, feedback is sought on the questions themselves. After the question list has been fleshed out through feedback from others, I will provide answers for my own Novamente AGI design, and try to get other AGI designers to give their own answers.

I am less interested in reactions of the form �This or that question is not relevant to my AGI system� and more interested in reactions of the form �You left out this question, which is very important for my AGI system.� I assume that not all questions will be relevant to all AGI systems.

Knowledge Representation

How are the following represented?

Relationships between concepts
Quantified relationships (e.g. �Every boy loves a girl�, �Every boy has a dog that every girl likes to call by some special pet name�)
Thoughts (considered as temporary mental phenomena, actively evolving and not committed to memory)
Beliefs about named concepts
Beliefs about unnamed concepts
Beliefs about procedures
The degree/strength/certainty of a belief
Hypothetical knowledge (�Pei believes the Earth is flat�)
Contextual knowledge (�At parties, she is cute.�)

Attention Allocation

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