Thursday, December 15, 2005

Discussion about AIS weaknesses

This discussion inspired by web-page Weaknesses of AIS.

David Sanders> AIS cannot exist (for now) without humans.

That’s not really a weakness, because time span of this weakness would be pretty short. Right now strong AI systems exist only in our dreams. :-) Within ~20 years of creating strong AI, many AIS-es would be able to survive without humans. Please, note that AIS-es would not kill humans. There would be benefits of human-AIS collaboration for all sides. This is completely different topic though. :-)

David Sanders> If they fail to understand and appreciate the human world...

If you don't understand and appreciate human world of Central Africa... would it harm you?
May be you mean "If AIS-es don't understand human world at all"? But in this case what would these AIS-es understand? And what would mean that these not-understanding systems intelligent?

David Sanders> [AIS-es] Not able to perceive like a human. They cannot hear, see, feel, taste or smell like a human.

Not true. Only first and limited versions of AIS-es wouldn’t be able to perceive like a human. Sensor devices are not too hard to implement. The major problem is implementation of Main Mind for AIS.

David Sanders> They can only feel these things like they imagine they do. Again, this makes them fundamentally incongruous with humans and I don't believe its something you can "teach around." Try to explain what "blue" is to someone who never had sight.

Have you ever seen "black hole", "conscience", or "electron"? Yet you know what they are, don't you? :-)
Blind person can understand what "blue" means: "sky is blue", "water is blue", ...

David Sanders> Until AIS have robot bodies / companions, they rely on humans for natural resources. However, once the singularity hits, that probably won't matter anymore. It is not inconceivable to think of a time in 200-500 years there are no more humans, just AIS.

Humans would probably exist long after strong AI is created. Humans just would not be the most intelligent creatures anymore :-)

David Sanders> I disagree with AIS and natural selection. I think this will happen on its own by their very nature.

AIS-es can be influenced by natural selection as much as all other living organisms. But humans had millions of years of natural selection. When would AIS-es have that much?

David Sanders> AIS will be more open about self modification as you point out. AIS will be able to make other AIS and will soon learn how to evolve themselves very quickly.

"Evolving themselves" is part of artificial selection, not natural selection.

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ravish said...


I was reading to your blog and thought to comment on it.

Though humans have an advantage over AIS, "Testing over million years. But When AIS will come in existence, it will inherit not all but the maximum percentage of human abilities in beginning, since we are making it to be one like that.

Its like a reflexive function. the more smarter the person making AIS, the more developed will be the AIS.

I developed an algorithm for the knowledge imparted (not to consider the own ability of machine to LEARN) from a human (Person1) to AIS and how that AIS is smarter than a human (Person2) low in knowledge than the first person. So in this case the AIS is Clone of who is developing it and will directly compete humans (Person2 and other in series).

One Weakness I came across is:
Although its true that we would be making AIS a clone of us, the more we do so the more we will be in trouble with emotions part. the only thing that can vary a lot and makes us different from others of our species. I think a more deep thoughts would be required on, As i Quote: "Natural Selection and Emotions"