Friday, December 19, 2003

AI Programming tools selection

You mentioned that you wanted to use and mysql...
I do not recommend C# to anyone. It is the worst mix between the garbage
collected java implementation and the lack of polymorphism with C++.
As for mysql, good language, but why are you using an internet database?
I use C# at my work. And I like this language.
But what is the most important - it really doesn't matter which language I will use. The main feature which language should expose is "smooth integration with RDBMS".
Majority of modern languages have such feature.

I'll use C# because I know it the best.

Also C# (as part of VS.NET) allows easy integration with modules written in VB.NET, C++.NET. Integration with modules written in VB6,
C++ is also possible.

About RDBMS:
I use MS SQL 2000 (not MySQL).
This is reliable RDBMS which is easy to use.

It may happen that in production other RDBMS will be more efficient (Oracle). May be not.

But in my opinion for Prototype development MS SQL is the best choice.

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