Friday, December 19, 2003

AI prototype and the Internet

Don't you want your AI to not be dependant on the internet?

My AI prototype will be definitely dependant on the Internet, just because the Internet is the greatest source of information.
Moreover, information on the Internet is represented in convenient-for-computer form (text --- see also: TextParser).

Also information on the Internet is indexed (Google).
Also information on Internet is fresh and is constantly updated.

That's why my AI prototype will use the Internet very actively.

I disagree with your dependence on the internet. I do agree that it makes a nice addition to the logic. The AI that I am developing (AIB), or at least the newer version to come out in May, has an internet module, but it is not the base of the system. For example, what if you actually wanted to make an actual independent bot of some sort, AKA android... it would not be able to use internet as a base for its knowledge... then again, I see why you are doing this, because there aren't many other databases of textual information.
It seems that you understand "dependence on the Internet" of my system not correctly.
My AIS will depend on Internet In the learning part primarily.
Since the AIS "has been grown" it could be disconnected from the Internet.
However, True Intelligent System should accomplish constant learning .
Because of "learning necessity" it's better not to disconnect the system from the Internet.

For instance, when I'm disconnected from the Internet, I loose essential part of my intelligence: I partially loose my ability to solve new complicated tasks (because I don't have access to Google).

So, what is the point to disconnect from Internet AIS which has stronger (than humans) integration with the Internet?

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