Thursday, November 27, 2003

How to merge Short Memory and Main Memory?

1) What to merge:
- Neuron;
- Reason-Consequence axon.
- Parent-Child axon.
2) Let's consider how to merge on example of Neuron.
3) Neuron has:
- Desirability attribute.
- Strenght attribute.
4) Let's make simplification and assume that we merge Desirability attribute without taking into account Strenght attribute.
5) Legend:
- "sm": short memory.
- "mm": main memory (long-term memory).
- "Desirability_sm": value of Desirability attribute of short memory neuron.
- "Desirability_mm": value of Desirability attribute of main memory neuron.
- "Desirability_mm_afterMerge": Value of the main memory Desirability attribute after merge with "Desirability_sm".
6) Simple solution:
Desirability_mm_afterMerge = (10 * Desirability_mm_beforeMerge + 1 * Desirability_sm_beforeMerge)/ (10+1).
That means that Desirability_mm has 10 time heavier weight than Desirability_sm.
7) More complex solution (takes into account Strength attribute).
Desirability_mm_afterMerge = (Strength_mm_beforeMerge * Desirability_mm_beforeMerge + Strength_sm_before_Merge * Desirability_sm_beforeMerge) / (Strength_mm_beforeMerge + Strength_sm_beforeMerge)
Strength_mm_afterMerge = Strength_mm_beforeMerge + Strength_sm_Delta
Strength_sm_Delta = Strength_sm_beforeMerge - Strength_sm_sinceLastMerge
"Strength_sm_sinceLastMerge" is either Strength_sm which was set at last merge or Strength_sm which was set during creation of sm neuron in active memory.
8) Actually more complex solution should take into account possibility of multiple merge of mm and sm.
In this case we should not update mm by changes in sm which were merged already.
That is:
Desirability_mm_afterMerge = (Strength_mm_beforeMerge * Desirability_mm_beforeMerge + Strength_sm_before_Merge * Desirability_sm_Delta) / (Strength_mm_beforeMerge + Strength_sm_beforeMerge)

Desirability_sm_Delta = Desirability_sm_beforeMerge - Desirability_sm_sinceLastMerge

Strenght will be calculated the same way:
Strength_mm_afterMerge = Strength_mm_beforeMerge + Strength_sm_Delta

9) If we allow multiple merge, then we should know sm_afterMerge value:

Desirability_sm_afterMerge = Desirability_sm_beforeMerge

Desirability_sm_sinceLastMerge(afterMerge) = Desirability_sm_afterMerge (that is we preserve this Desirability value for future calculations of Desirability_sm_Delta)

Strength_sm_afterMerge = Strength_sm_beforeMerge

Strength_sm_sinceLastMerge(afterMerge) = Strength_sm_afterMerge (for the sake of future Strength_sm_Delta calculation)

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