Friday, November 07, 2003

I'm looking for a Research Partner in True AIS Development

I’m looking for a partner in True Artificial Intelligence System Development research

I. About me:

1. I'm very interesting in research in True Artificial Intelligence field.

2. I'd like to build artificial mind, which will have comparable abilities with humans. That means that this mind will be able to work as office clerk, customer support representative, lawyer, computer programmer, manager, politic, and so on.

3. I have a lot of ideas about how to implement True Artificial intelligence system.
I explained those ideas on my web-site:

4. Currently AI is a hobby to me. But who knows what will happen in future.

II. What kind of help I need:

1. I need someone who will help me to think: two researchers' minds together work much better than separately.
For instance, one person can concentrate on asking questions - another person on giving answers. Also research pair (or group) filter out wrong ideas much quicker, than one researcher alone.
So I need someone to discuss AI development issues.
2. Prototype development.
I think it's time to check my ideas in real prototype.
- Prototype should be carefully selected (not every prototype is a good way to the True Artificial Intelligence System).
- Prototype should be designed.
- Prototype should be implemented/coded/programmed.
I need your help on every stage.

3. I need someone who will help me to improve readability of my site.
If you just read an article(s) from my site and then ask about everything that is unclear to you (or hard to understand) - it would be strong help to me.
You could also correct/rewrite articles to make them readable.

4. I need help in father development of my site.
Your questions and my answers about AI could be good source for new articles on the site.
If you write your articles about AI - it might be also good.

5. I appreciate any new ideas.

III. I'm looking for you if:

1. You have passion about Artificial Intelligence development, if you want to take part in discussion, designing, and development of True Intelligent System.
2. You are ready to spend ~5...20 hours each week for AI research (discussions, design, some coding/programming).
3. You have strong abstract thinking ability.
4. You have strong abstract conversation ability: strong ability to explain your thoughts and strong ability to understand my thoughts.
5. You have strong feeling of understanding: if you see lack of understanding during our conversation, you immediately indicate it.
You are not afraid to ask questions.
6. You are able and like to ask questions.
7. You are able and like to answer questions.
8. You are interested in how things work. You are interested how your mind works.

IV. Desirable (but not necessary) skills and knowledge:

1. Software development. It might be great if you successfully accomplished at least one software project.
It would be even better if you have experience with database management systems, like MS SQL Server or Oracle.
2. Knowledge about how brain/mind works.
3. Knowledge about how conditioned reflex is developed.
4. It is good if you already know why and what for do humans live.
What does define purpose of life?
5. It is good if you able to think about yourself as about machine, which consist of components. It's good if you understand how these components influence each other.

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