Wednesday, November 05, 2003

My believe about AIS development: "How to copy human's mind"

When AIS developer copies human's mind he shouldn't copy absolutely everything.
Some things should be copied, other - shouldn't.

For instance, human brain has several parts: vision, hearing, speech, prononciation, body control. Not all of them should be copied. For instance, vision and hearing are hard to implement. But they could be easily replaced by text parser and Internet browser.

Body control module (blood pressure, temperature, muscles control, ...) is not necessary for AIS, because AIS is not supposed to live in cave/forest or care about food.

Another example: in human brain some neurons are located close to each other, some - far from each other. As a result some neurons are strongly connected by axons, other - weakly connected (or not connected at all).
The reason of that is physical limitation of brain. Such limitation shouldn't be implemented in artificial mind.

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