Thursday, November 06, 2003

My believes about AIS development: Read words, not characters.

When AIS reads the text it shouldn't bother about meaningfullness of charachters inside a word. Instead AIS should recognize word as a whole. That means that "time" and "timely" are completely different words (because of different spelling). At the same time, AIS can consider "time" and "timely" words as similar/related words, just because they appear in a very similar context.
From AIS point of view words: "mother" and "dad" are much closer to each other than "time" and "tame". In spite of similarity of spelling in "time"/"tame" pair and absolute different spelling in "mother"/"dad" pair. It happens just because "mother" and "dad" words appears in similar context, but "time" and "tame" - don't.